Saturday, January 14, 2017

OOTD in Xmas Holidays

 Coat: Shopping Link

 Wool-Blend Dress: Shopping Link

Ankle Boots: Shopping Link

Leather Trousers: Shopping Link

Blue Knited Jumper: Shopping Link

Vans Shoes: Shopping Link

Bralette: Shopping Link

Satin Trouser: Shopping Link (In Black)

High Neck White Top: Shopping Link (Similar)

Camo T-shirt Dress: Shopping Link

V Neck Sweater: Shopping Link


 This goodbye is so much harder that I ever imagined. It's so hard for some of us, letting go our families, friends and home. It's the place where we feel we will never leave. But we should escape and breathe the air of new places, our second home, which is where we currently live. Great things never came up from comfort zones.  Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and attract positive life experiences. Sometimes you might be hard on yourself, but keep thinking positive. 
You have a purpose. You've set some goals. Smash them. 
Anything's possible. 

See you next time
my pretties

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